Believe what you are believing!

I honestly miss sharing my devotions through blogging but I got really swamped with my work and new business. I have great testimonies to share that maybe I will share in details next time. What I can say for now is that GOD has been teaching me a LOT and brought me to a new level of maturity last year. Skills are great and knowledge is a necessity but the works of the Holy Spirit in my life has been so tangible. He has been teaching me what to do, not just in my “churchy stuffs” but in everything – be it spiritual or practical.

And for this year? This word has been echoing in my heart since the year started: BELIEVE.

“Go; just as you BELIEVED, it will be done for you.” Matt 8:13, NET

The LORD asked me, ”what are you believing this 2017?” Then I said, ”I have a lot in my heart God.” Then He said, ”GO just as you believed.”

Ok, I got to go but where to go? I know I got to take action but what to do? Sometimes we want God to spell it for us word by word, letter by letter but HE said it again, ”GO JUST AS YOU BELIEVED.”

And the second time I got it! So the direction where to go is depending on what I am believing. What are you believing? If you believe that God will you use you as an instrument to bring salvation to your family/friends, then GO just as you BELIEVED. If you believe that the LORD is leading you to open new business, then GO just as you BELIEVED. If we just open our hearts, the Lord has actually been pouring our His heart to us. Deep down, we know what we want but sometimes doubt is creeping in.

Then He told me, “Believe what you are believing!” We believe that word of GOD is true and impeccable yet sometimes, we make exception. HIS word says ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE through CHRIST yet sometimes we hear ourselves second guessing what we are believing. Ok GOD, maybe you will do this but not this one. Maybe you will grant this but not this one. You did amazing to them GOD but I don’t think I’m good enough for that.

So what do we really believe? Our faith or our doubts?  God has been whispering to me, “your faith is your compass!What we are believing determines our going. What we are believing dictates our action. If you believe the problems more than GOD’s capacity then you will have a long way to go and might even get lost in the process but if you believe what GOD can do through you than any challenge then I am sure that you are just on the right track my friend.


But what if I’m wrong? What if I will fail? Have you read Deuteronomy 31:8?

“The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.” Deut 31:8, NIV

Yes, those were words were spoken to Joshua but GOD is also assuring us just the same.


So still unclear where to go this 2017? Listen to your heart. Pen them down… Then GO just as you BELIEVED and IT WILL BE DONE FOR YOU.





4 thoughts on “Believe what you are believing!

  1. The title of this post resonates in me! I have to remind myself to believe what I’m believing – that God has His purpose and plan for my life – with great conviction! This year has started with me claiming God’s living promises, three of which are in Exodus 14:14, Psalm 23, and Jeremiah 29:11.

    That’s I think is one of our frailties as humans – we believe half-heartedly, we believe selectively – when our faith tells us we should trust God with all our heart, soul, and might.

    Thanks for this timely reminder!

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