Short Story: The Right Man And The Right Timing

“I’m really sorry. Ok, bye.”  Alicia said over the phone.

“Let me guess. That’s Brandon right? And you turn down his invitation again?” Trixie smiled and asked.

“Uhhmm… Yes. I am beating a deadline at work.” Alicia beamed.

“Hmmm… Tell me honestly my friend, is that really your reason or are you just somehow wishing that it will be Josh asking you out?” Trixie asked.

There was silence for a moment then Alicia answered, “Errr… Yes? I don’t know… but I really am busy. I didn’t lie though.”

“Yes my friend, I know you didn’t lie but it also just so happen that you are busy.” Trixie said. “Ok, let me ask this, you told me that this is your season to enter into a relationship, correct? Though you also admitted that you believe it’s Josh but he is just somewhere somehow in a different season now and who knows, he may actually like someone else? Oops, I’m sorry for that.”

Alicia smiled and quipped, “thank you for shaking my boat! You are indeed my friend, haha!”

“Seriously though, the question is, which among the two are you more inclined to go? The timing which you believe it’s this season or the person which you believe it’s Josh?” Trixie smilingly asked as she intently looking at her friend.

Alicia smiled back and took a sigh and quietly seeking for the answer.

“Hmm… Since you can’t give me an answer now, I think it just simply means, you’re unsure?” Trixie continued examining her friend’s heart. Alicia finally broke her  silence and quickly answered, “You got me there my friend.”

“Well, one thing I am certain, God will give you the desires of our heart as you continue delighting in Him. I guess, it’s just a matter now of…” Alicia paused then continued, “Knowing what your heart truly desires?” Alicia slowly nodded.

Trixie’s phone beeped and remembered she has an appointment to catch, “Ohh, I forgot! Lennie is waiting for me at the lobby. I’m so sorry to cut our unplanned talk. Wrong timing I know, my bad.”

“It’s ok. I am fine. Thanks for the talk.” Alicia said. Trixie embraced her friend and said, “I just got the nudge to tell you this. Don’t be so lock-up with the timing and at the same time, don’t close your doors to others especially now that Josh is not even knocking. You could be right that the timing is now but probably it’s not Josh? Or you could be right that it’s Josh but maybe you have to wait a little more? Either way, I believe it’s still good to go out and mingle. It doesn’t necessarily mean you are committing yourself to others but you go and test the word you believe you got from God. If it’s not Brandon then at least you got the opportunity to know each other more as friends? But then again, I leave the decision to you and I pray that God will continue to guide you and guard your heart. At the end of this, I believe the right man and the right timing will align at a certain point.”

“Wow, thanks for all these friendly advises. There’s much wisdom there!” Alicia quipped.

“Just continue delighting in God and that desires of yours? It will be given. It will happen. ” Trixie winked then left.



“Take delight in the Lordand he will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4, NIV




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