Faith in its finest form…


I have a confession: I love basketball, haha! So I am updated that today is historical in N.B.A.

  1. Kobe Bryant’s last game. I am not a solid fan of him nor the LA Lakers but I got to say, he’s a legend. He ended his career with a BOOM! 60 solid points! What a way to end his career – a taste of his greatness that people have seemingly forgotten. Not everyone loved him but I think that’s one ingredient to greatness – fighting day in and day out in spite of your detractors. Well, doubters gonna doubt and haters gonna hate but at the end of the day, it’s about getting better each day for yourself, for your team and for the people who support you through all seasons.I think it’s the same thing with our faith, it’s always about how we respond to situations. No matter how people see it, whether they tap your shoulder or throw stones at you, whether they cheer you on or “boo” you, it’s focusing our eyes to the GOAL that matters. It’s believing what GOD says by all means at all costs. 🙂  Let me end my first point with my post on Facebook 3 years ago.

“God is not looking for people who would only believe when it’s believable but also when it’s unbelievable…” – my Facebook post exactly 3 years ago

2.Stephen Curry and Golden State Warriors broke the record of Chicago Bulls for posting 73 wins in a regular season plus Curry making 400-3 pointers in a season!  To do something that no one has ever done is a UNBELIEVABLE! Oh, if we can just have that kind of faith, believing the unbelievable, nothing will limit us (unless GOD Himself will stop us). For me, it’s a strong message that indeed, like Curry’s favorite Bible verse which is carved in his shoes, we can do all things through Christ. 🙂

The sweet shooting touch of Curry was not an overnight process. He really worked hard. He put his faith into action. They said, GSW was just “lucky” last season to get the title because of too many injuries with Cavaliers then. Well, I wouldn’t argue with that, I guess we can never tell but then they came back in this season stronger and Curry broke his own record last season.

So what else can I say? I will once again let my old post summarize this blog:

“Just enjoy the mystery – that’s where the beauty of HIS plans really come to play – the UNFOLDING would be so extra special. Don’t overdo looking forward as you might miss the excitement of today. The learning comes from every bits and pieces of TODAY.”  my Facebook post exactly 4 years ago

Two words: BELIEVE (FAITH). WORK (put into action). Reflect your faith in your actions – I believe that’s the finest form of faith. 🙂 

Thus also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead. But someone will say, “You have faith, and I have works.” Show me your faith without your[a] works, and I will show you my faith by my works.” James 2:17-18, NKJV


Side note: Second confession: Whilst I love Stephen Curry, I am actually a solid Jeremy Lin supporter. 🙂 No, he’s not the best (yet) but I admire his winning character. How we handles the pressures around him and use it to share his faith is more than inspiring. And for those who are not aware, he started a bible study with his teammates in Charlotte. 🙂


PS: Photo used not mine.



5 thoughts on “Faith in its finest form…

  1. Faith is our trust in God lived out in our daily challenges, struggles and opportunities to shine for our Lord.Thanks for sharing these sports analogies. They help reinforce your points well. One of my favourite basketball players is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Here are some of his stats from Honors: Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame (1995); NBA champion (1971, ’80, ’82, ’85, ’87, ’88); NBA MVP (1971, ’72, ’74, ’76, ’77, ’80); 10-time
    All-NBA First Team; Five-time All-NBA Second Team;
    Five-time All-Defensive First Team; Six-time All-Defensive Second Team; 19-time All-Star; One of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History (1996)

    He is a guy full of energy, drive, commitment and an infectious enthusiasm.


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