Fifth Day Nature Photo Challenge: Goldcoast, Australia

Mid-year of 2008, I remember my bestfriend called me right after their company’s Dinner and Dance. She asked me to check where Goldcoast is. I was puzzled but I checked nonetheless and told her, it’s in Australia. Then she was so ecstatic telling me that she won second place at their raffle draw: round trip tickets for two plus hotel accommodation at Marriot Hotel for 4 days and 3 nights. And she said that it will be her birthday treat for me… so there, I celebrated my birthday at Goldcoast Australia. Not bad huh? 🙂

We really enjoyed the trip, not only because it was a treat (though of course visa, allowance and other expenses were on us) but also because of the beauty of God’s wonderful creations. I got to spend time with Kangaroos, Koala bear, different species of birds etc up close and personal, haha! Plus it was my first time to do scuba diving then (don’t have pictures inside the water though)! Ahhhh… what a birthday treat! Time and time again, the Lord will continue to remind me that He knows how to surprise me… He keeps on making me feel how it takes to be valued so dearly.


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