Fourth Day Nature Photo Challenge: Johor Baru, Malaysia

As much as I want to share some more beaches I have been, I thought of sharing other type of adventure as well.

I would never forget our adventure in Johor Baru, Malaysia in many ways! First, it felt so great to do mountain climbing in other place. Second, that mountain is a tropical rain-forest which means… leech is everywhere, haha! 🙂 Everyone of us got atleast one! I thought I didn’t get one but when I took off my shoes and socks, I found one leech between my toes, ouch! haha. Third, ohh well, I am scared of heights, haha. Going up was cool but when it’s time to go down, I couldn’t look down. My knees were shaking especially when we had to climb the “face-the-wall” challenge. Thanks to the best tour guide and churchmate who assisted me. Since I can’t look down, my grip to the rope was so tight and so my friend was pointing my next step. I felt like the world stopped that moment because my friends were all looking at me, haha. Final stop? Falls! And that’s the best part of the adventure. 🙂





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