You are infinite! :)

Lately, my old posts in Facebook is giving me the idea of what to blog. I once said that sometimes the best preaching that you need to hear are your own words. It’s like looking in a mirror and telling yourself, “Hey, you have been through this before. These are your own words. Now, walk the talk!” And so the other day, I was browsing Facebook’s “On This Day” reminders and I stumbled upon these posts.

Exactly 2 years ago, I went to Malaysia for various reasons. During those times, I was so confused if I will take my boss’ offer to move to Shanghai. It should be a great opportunity right? But no, it didn’t come that easy. In fact, I was so broken and clueless then. My boss thought of this move because actually my visa extension in Singapore got rejected. After doing all the best they could to have it approved, still the Ministry of Employment in Singapore denied it due to new rules. So yes, that was my situation. I didn’t get to appreciate that idea at all! My mind and heart were telling me different things. The former was saying, “Come on, it’s a great opportunity. Another nation to expand God’s kingdom” but my heart was insisting me to stay in Singapore, “Fight for what you really want. Don’t lose your faith. Your work is not over yet“.

I stayed in Malaysia for 2 weeks (before flying to Thailand to attend a wedding). I used those days to think things over. I felt like I was too close with the situation so I had to see it from a different angle. Every time we are in tough situation, there are two things than can happen. It’s either we get caught with the noises of the situation or we listen to the whispers of God. And in those desperate moments, the Lord impressed me these words:

Be the best that you can be today – no matter what happened yesterday or will happen tomorrow! Keep the joy. (Facebook post, 11, March 2014)


So I prayed, “God, if YOU really want me to move to Shanghai then please change my heart. Give me peace. Align my heart and mind to Yours.” Amazingly, I woke up the following morning with so much peace. True enough, there’s wisdom in letting go! I suddenly saw the wonderful things that can happen when I embrace this “change”… and in that moment, God told me that I am infinite!

You are infinite! If one doesn’t work, move on to the next. Can you imagine how many styles you can build using lego? Or how many beautiful artwork you can form out of clay? Or imagine a needle – is it only for sewing? If you can just think outside the box, you will be amazed how can a thing be used in many ways… and so how much more to the masterpiece of God? You were not made to be stuck over one thing. God has placed so much in you – unravel the mysteries He has designed for you! (Facebook post, 14 March 2014)

Yes, we are infinite! God has so much great plans in us. Let us not be stuck with our own limited plans. The water will always finds its way to flow and so is God will always find His way to see the calling in our lives will come to pass… be it in the way you want it or in a different setting He plans to be… whether in the place you so long  or somewhere in a “strange” world He knows you should be… Like what they always say, you just have to know the WHY, and the WHAT and HOW will follow. His ways or our ways? The choice is ours!

So did I move to Shanghai? Oh yes and I stayed there for a year.I am so privileged so have that opportunity to be immersed with the different culture! I have learned a lot and it has taken me to a deeper relationship with God. Truly, nothing is more fulfilling than obeying Him.

Alone but not “alone”. Cold but my heart is not “cold”. It takes faith to see the unseen.


PS: Sorry, there were some technical errors last night (Philippines) so I think this blog was posted many times with many errors. 🙂



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