2545_10200862342974288_778702277_nLOVE requires sacrifice… ALWAYS.” – The Longest Ride (Nicholas Sparks)

Last night, my housemate was very busy and I was not, or, I chose not to be, haha, so I opted to watch the T.V. I was flipping different channels looking for a good movie… and there, I saw FoxMovie is just about to begin, “The Longest Ride”. I quickly checked the info and found it very interesting… and that’s what compelled me to write this blog.

The insights of the movie were in fact not new to me but maybe it’s what summarizes the thoughts I have been planning to write in the past several weeks. Love over dreams? Or dreams over love?

I think it sounds so romantic when a girl give up her dreams for her man or vice versa… It gives us that “magic” feeling. It takes us to that cloud-nine moment… It can charm us. It gives us the message that we’re valued. It creates that sweet feeling of “my prince is coming to the rescue”. But the question is, how long will that feeling can last? Will there be a happily-ever-after?

There are a lot of romantic movies about this actually… and based from many good friends I have talked to (who are married to great men of God), love should not come to a point of choosing – love or dreams. Whilst there are also great stories that I know who gave up their dreams and are now happy with their decisions, this doesn’t always come true. In fact, there are many instances where reality bites-in after many years. Yes, the hype is there at the beginning of the journey but when everything settles in, there’s this “hole” in us that we want to do what we really love doing… There must be a reason why we are wired to do those things that what we are passionate about. Just like any love story movie, we will be taunted with that feeling of “what if” and could end up blaming our partners for not getting it…

I came from a very precious dinner time with my life mentor last night and I was inspired with her stories. It built-up something in me that one day, I want to be the best wife to my future husband. I was once also told that courtship is just a spec of time compared to spending the rest of our life with the one we love… so we should be doing the same thing we love. There’s always this exception-to-the-rule that to a few, they have different calling but they can work out their relationship successfully. But as for me, I think the best years of my life would be seeing me and my partner in life serving God and doing the ministry together. To support one another. When that day comes, I want to be my husband’s no. 1 cheerleader. (Yea, I know, easier said than done but I seriously intend to keep that plan).

After watching the movie, it made me realize once again that I just have to continue doing the things I am passionate about and as I stay in God’s alignment, we’ll meet somewhere down the road… Meanwhile, I will let him chase his dreams until he will come to realize that he is incomplete without me, even when he’s at the peak of his dream. Oh how I wish I know who is that man I am waiting for but I am certain that God is preparing both of us for that day. (I just hope that time will come sooner though, haha)

If we’d never met, I think I would have known my life wasn’t complete. And I would have wandered the world in search of you, even if I didn’t know who I was looking for.” – The Longest Ride (Nicholas Sparks)



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