True love waits? (a short story) Part 3

11011544_10205643446218881_6805694783489309401_nFor some reasons, I want to add part 3 (final one) for these short stories I have written… Maybe some sort of a trilogy! 🙂

You may want to read first the first 2 parts:

True love waits? (a short story)
True love waits? (a short story) Part 2


Lana was cooling down from her weekly routine run when she saw Jeremy was running towards her.

Lana: Jeremy?

Jeremy: Hi Lana. Can I join you?

Lana (puzzled): Join like you mean, running? I am just actually done.

Jeremy: “Oh sorry, I actually knew it was your schedule to run so decided to run too… but I had to rush some errands first and I guess…” Jeremy paused a bit then continued, “I am late?”

Lana: “Err… Yeah? But, you can go ahead and run. I am just cooling down then will head home.”

Jeremy: “Oh, actually…”

Jeremy paused while his heart was beating so fast…

Jeremy: “Can I walk you home instead?” He asked while he was a bit stuttering.

Lana: “Are you ok? You sound so… off?

Jeremy: “Ok, sorry… I rehearsed this but my words are not just coming out right.

Lana: “Okay and?”

Jeremy: “I want to walk you home because I want to know you more… I mean…” Jeremy stopped and composed himself. “I think somehow you know that I liked you and it’s been years that I have been guarding my heart. Did you…” he paused a bit, “feel that?

Lana taking time to absorb what he was saying while slowly walking home, “Ahhmmm… I am not too sure about that. I know we’re friends and yes, sometimes you are acting weird but…”

Jeremy was waiting for Lana to continue what she was saying but after a long pause, he decided to speak, “I admit, been acting weird at times but that’s me evaluating my actions. I didn’t want to leave an impression that I didn’t intend to. I was careful as I wasn’t sure what this feeling is all about.”

Lana: “Well, I think sometimes you are just thinking too much? That’s what I think. Sometimes, you act weird even if at times, I am just being friendly to you like I do to others. Sometimes, it is just so confusing? Well, I could be wrong of course, but I think you can’t blame me. All along I thought we’re friends so we can act normally as friends but you just suddenly, I don’t know…” Lana was smiling as she was carefully saying those words.

Jeremy: “I am sorry if that is how you perceived my actions. I guess, I just didn’t know how to handle my emotions or rather, I thought that is the best way to handle it.”

Lana: “I am not used to it. I am really close to my friends and you were just different so I got confused. I know men and women are different in a lot of ways but I guess you are very different from my other guy friends, haha! Anyway, there’s really nothing to apologize for as I guess you were just doing what you think is right… I know you are very principled man and I am sure in every action that you will do, you are praying so hard for guidance and for that, I honor you.” Lana paused a bit then continues, “But now you are telling me that you like me?

Jeremy: “Yes. I can’t really tell since when but it has really been years now. I have been praying for it. I tried to know more women too as maybe I just enjoy your company but getting to know more great women makes me realized all the more that it’s you that I want. I wasn’t really sure before or maybe I was just denying it but since I saw you last month enjoying what you are doing. I saw that joy in you that I haven’t seen from any other women. Maybe it was God already talking to me? I don’t know but I knew it then that no matter what I will discover more about you, even unpleasant things, I know I will still love you just the same or even more each day.”

Lana was speechless… Jeremy walked ahead and stopped in front of Lana, “I have been avoiding such one-on-one moment because I didn’t want to be misinterpreted but now I am sure and I hope you will allow me to reveal myself to you. I will remove the wall that I have built… I want to show you who I really am. One thing I can tell, I will not do sweet things just to impress you. I know most men do that while pursuing their woman but I don’t want to create a fake image of me that may build some false expectations in the future. I want you to fall for the real me – no pretentions. But if you will find me sweet in the process, then that’s genuine, not just to win your heart but that’s me being me. ” He paused and took a deep sigh, “and hoping that one day, as you get to know me more, you will also like the man walking you home now.

Wow, that was a great speech, haha!” Lana teased.

I meant every word. I have been preparing myself for this moment. I strive hard to be better each day that when this moment comes, I will be confident to say that I am ready.” Jeremy answered with so much sincerity.

I appreciate that. I appreciate every word. You know Jeremy, I don’t know yet what to say now. Let me chew every word you just said… for now, well, just do whatever you think you have to do. Introduce the real Jeremy to me and let’s see where this journey will lead us.” Lana then shifted the topic, “Anyway, I’m home so thanks for walking me home.”

And are you ok if I walk you home again tomorrow? My busy schedule will begin next week so I want to grab the opportunity while I can.” Jeremy asked.

I think it’s ok. Like I said, do whatever you think you have to do.” Lana quickly answered.

Today is April 04, 2016.” Jeremy said,

Lana was puzzled, “err, yes?”

“I will forever remember this date. The day that I finally took the courage. See you tomorrow.” Jeremy said.

“I see. Ok, God bless.” Lana answered and she entered her house… then her phone rang, it was Leera!


He has made everything beautiful in its time.” Ecclesiastes 3:11, NIV




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