Me, Myself, I


This was actually taken from one of my old blogs… I thought maybe it’s good to move it here too.

**This was based from Ate Mary’s blog which she just also got it from her friend, but I replaced it with my own inputs .**

The ‘deep’ Odessa

I AM … God’s beloved.

I WANT… to please HIM as much as I can…

I HAVE …not seen yet all HIS plans for me… and the best is yet to come…

I KEEP… on praising HIM whenever I’m down…

I WISH I COULD… always know HIS answer… but I still believe in HIS perfect timing…

I HATE… it everytime I displeased HIM (good thing, His grace is sufficient enough!)

I FEAR… finding myself at the wrong side…

I HEAR… HIM saying, “I have crowned you with My favor and love…”

I DON’T THINK… I will ever forget how HE changed my wrecked life!

I REGRET… the time when I made the biggest mistake in my life.

I LOVE… the feeling that GOD loves me so much!

I AM NOT…a quitter!

I DANCE… everytime I praise HIM!

I SING… worship songs especially when I’m down…

I NEVER … dare to question HIS goodness/faithfulness.

I RARELY … stay at the background… I usually prefer to get involved…

I CRY WHEN I WATCH … people who are all-out for GOD.

I AM NOT ALWAYS … “workaholic” like people think…

I HATE THAT … sometimes, you just have to wait… and wait… and wait…


I NEED … to focus on HIM to hear the answers to my questions…

I SHOULD …always trust HIM especially for the times when all you can get is… “silence”…

The ‘other side’ of Odessa

I AM … a nature-lover! (I love to see all these peaceful beaches, happy green trees, excited waterfalls… I love listening to the splash of the sea… I’m awed at HIS majestic creation!)

I WANT… to travel the whole world! (and to have a ‘romantic date’ in Paris one day…)

I HAVE … always wanted to have my own house, yacht, rest house… and all these get-away stuffs!

I KEEP … on guarding my heart, haha!

I WISH I COULD … easily jump from places to places whenever I want (especially when I’m bored or wanting to escape? haha!)

I HATE … the feeling when I’m confused…

I FEAR … going to high places and looking down below… (but if you succeed convincing me, I’m certain that my eyes will be closed 98% of the time! Haha!)

I HEAR … that someone is calling my heart! Haha! (Really??? Sino??? Haha! Joke)

I DON’T THINK … I will fall for someone who doesn’t believe in marriage! (lalo na that I’m dreaming for a grand wedding!)

I REGRET … that I have not been to “Puerto Galera” or “Boracay” before I came here in Singapore (when I have already been to “Bintan Indonesia” and “Gold Coast Australia”) (New comment: Ohhh, after 5 years since I posted this blog, yay, I have been to Puerto Galera and Boracay already! yay!)

I LOVE … surprises! (and I believe that the way to a woman’s heart is an unexpected gift at unexpected time (from “Finding Forrester”)

I AM NOT … a ‘kikay’ person but choosy… (kaya sometimes, hirap i-please, hehe)

I DANCE …every time I feel like it (especially when I just want to release, kahit nasa labas ng house, hehe…)

I SING … to release…

I NEVER … had a boyfriend! (haha! That’s just the first thing that came to my mind – just being honest. But hey, that’s by choice!)

I RARELY … eat sweets… I always prefer “spicy” over “sweets”

I CRY WHEN I WATCH … drama movies!

I AM NOT ALWAYS … jokey…

I HATE THAT … my sister thinks I’m too “healthy”? (haha) (New comment: Oh but now she thinks I am sexy! haha. Thanks to my diet and exercise!)

I’M CONFUSED ABOUT …seriously going to the gym or not… (I’m a busy person you know, charing!) (New comment: I am really proud that I have achieved my healthy-living goal! I went to the gym for a time but I have “everywhere” as my gym, haha – I mean, I can run anywhere, haha)

I NEED … to have my regular exercise! Or play table tennis on a regular basis or swim… (And I am keeping it now! I can’t believe I have said so much about exercise before!)

I SHOULD … lose weight, my sister said because she prefers my body-built when I was in high school (hehe) (Oh, this one? I am proud to say that I am getting closer to my goal. Well, not expert but definitely was better than I used to. Now, I have to maintain my weight with proper diet and exercise.)

This was originally posted on 07 Nov 2018 from my old blogIt’s so interesting to read that I had talked so much about “exercise” and “losing weight” before in my old blog (2008) and now I am happy that for the past couple of months, I have been consistent with my diet and running habit. There’s really nothing impossible for those who believe… and those who will realize what they believe in. 🙂


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