but woman is the glory of man…

230938_10200271103873680_763228409_nIt’s another normal day when Facebook reminded me of what I posted exactly a year ago.

“… but woman is the glory of man.” 1 Cor 11:7, NIV

I smiled when I was listening to my audio Bible. It seems to me like, more than man’s great wealth, or power, or amazing career or anything on earth… the glory of a man is in fact… his woman. And I’m ecstatic to be my man’s glory, hahaha!

They say, most of the times, women (we) are hopelessly romantic. Well, I guess it’s true. We have all these wishes and imaginations hoping that one day, it will be our day. I, for example, have this dream wedding in my mind for years now. I have been holding on it and I know it well that it will soon come to pass.

But while others go around and look for their “perfect man”, I think we have to pursue to be the “perfect woman” while waiting. I think that’s what actively waiting is all about. Not  “perfect” in a sense that we will be flawless because I know we’ll fall short if that’s our yardstick but “perfect” in a way that we will just perfectly surrender our hearts to God while we allow Him to mold us. Let God do what He does best – taking care of our hearts. Whilst it’s great to have a list of our preferences for the man of our dreams, let’s shift our focus instead to be the woman of God’s dream. Continue doing what you love doing. Do not let your “waiting” stop you from pursuing your dream. Remember that you are worth pursuing. Do not settle for anything less because your value is priceless. Never ever throw your pearls to the pigs (Matthew 7:6)!

So you, woman, enjoy the journey of womanhood. We may think that sometimes men have “more freedom”, remember, we are the glory of men! (Sorry guys but that’s biblical). Here’s to womanhood! Happy Women’s day!

And to you my man, you may be somewhere at the other part of the world now or wherever, I will do my best to make you proud… 🙂


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