Could it be? Naah, it can’t be. Or, maybe?

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December 2013.

The day I didn’t expect to meet you but I did. Oh in fact, I have already met you before but it never crossed my mind the possibility of “us”. Someone opened the idea and I felt something I can’t explained but my mind said, “Naaah, it can’t be.”

I entertained the thought for about 5 minutes  that night but then my strong “preferences” were telling me, “hey, it can’t be!” And so I threw the idea away. Knowing me, I made a decision. I “denied” that “bump” feeling.

Days past and I saw you again but this time, I was not entertaining that thought. I was just focused on what I was supposed to do. Be the passionate woman as people know me to be. Be enthusiastic as I needed to be. Well, I will be standing in a crowd that day.

Months had passed without me thinking about you. I was just focused on what God was asking me to do. I needed to walk on water. With big challenges swallowing me, I was focused in flying. I was determined to turn things around. I was all in for my “calling”.

After a few more months, vola!  I saw you again! But no, I was not at all thinking about that day in December 2013. My heart was fixed on doing what I was called to do. Yes, I enjoyed the times we laughed together but far from thinking the possibility of “us”.

1… 2… 3… and few more months flew by… Still no, you were not in any picture nor in any background of my mind.

Then one day, somehow somewhere, I was reminded of you… I didn’t know why. I was asking also myself that but then I said, “Naaah, it can’t be. It must have been just a simple reminder, nothing more than that.” But for some reasons, someone opened that idea again and asked me, “why not?” I caught myself thinking… wondering… but then, I drove that thoughts away. “Naaah, it can’t be.”

More than 2 years had passed since December 2013, without any explanation, you visited me. No, not physical… but you visited me in your own way. Then I asked God… I prayed… Months after months, I was praying for wisdom, for clear guidance.

And today, well, you just suddenly came to my mind… Hello you!

So now I’m asking myself again with that same question more than 2 years ago, “Can it really be?” I guess, maybe? Or, maybe not? Well, only His perfect timing can tell. Whatever His plan is, us or not us, I am so sure that it will be the best for me… and the best for you…


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