On this day…

I was scrolling my Facebook memories and I came across this one. It was exactly four years ago since I posted this in my timeline, which means today marks my 9th year in my current company. I have worked most of my years in Singapore for this company then one year in Shanghai and now in the Philippines. That day also reminded me the time I courageously stepped out from my comfort zone and pursued the calling God laid before me.

It was at the same hour 5 years ago and I still clearly remember how my heart was beating so fast as I was preparing for my first day of work in Singapore… My 5 years (and counting) of journey here has been filled with many stories worth sharing and in every victory, there’s always a saga behind. And I learned again and again that the glory of any victory is most felt when it went through a deep process. When questions arise in the midst of confusion, it doesn’t mean that the answer is not coming. When more pains comes in the middle of your aching, it doesn’t mean that His promise is not approaching. True enough, the skills of a driver can’t be measured when the road is smooth. And when travelling in the midst of rugged slopes and carrying tons of unanswered questions, yet still somewhere, somehow, someone will say, “I’m just so blessed on how you are touching my life the way you live yours”, then yeah, it’s a message that I’m still on the right track. Who says that trusting God needs understanding all His ways? In fact, we trust Him the most when we don’t seem to have any reason to trust Him. But every time I do, the sweetest thing happen… He never fails to tell me, “My child, you are just on the right track. Keep on keeping on.” And every time that happens, it goes me back to the very words He said 5 years ago, “blessings shall follow you.” Ahhhhh… It’s been 5 years of victories upon victories – He was faithful then and still is and forever will be! I’m just so blessed but more than for any reason, I’m so blessed on how He just continually holds me so dearly…

Father, thank You for choosing me – it is a pleasure worth pursuing. And thank You for all the people that made each battle worth fighting and each victory worth celebrating… You are awesome God!

I woke up this morning asking God if I really heard Him right when I decided to go back to the Philippines (at least for the time being) and interestingly, I also came across this post I had 3 years ago… God answered by reminding me my own words.

There are moments down the hill that you’ll feel, “maybe I should be somewhere else… doing something bigger… achieving something higher…” but then again, if you’ll just take the best out of the rare silence you get, you will just know deep within you that “yea, there’s just something incredibly right about being here, right at this moment.”

On this same day 9 years ago, I had a very significant milestone in my life. I boldly chose my “calling” over what could have been (just could have been) the start of my love-life then. 🙂 Was it worth it? Oh, that milestone was my launching pad. I am who I am now because I obeyed Him… and through all these seasons, He is making me the woman He wants me to be… Through all the humps and bumps, it’s a non-stop learning that “obedience is better than sacrifice...” 1 Samuel 15:22, NLT

(Advance) Happy heart’s day friends! Spread love… Above all, spread God’s love. “We love because HE first loved us.” 1 John 4:19


6 thoughts on “On this day…

    1. Thank you for giving me this piece, which has me thinking more about how God has been truly with me in my life’s journey with Him.

      “We love because HE first loved us.” 1 John 4:19. Karen cross-stitched that scripture on the back of one of my t-shirts. I think that says it all. All glory, honour, praise and thanks be to God for loving me a sinner saved by grace — God’s love that I do not deserve but is given so freely.

      What an amazing God we serve!

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