True love waits? (a short story) Part 2

“I will shout Your fame to all the earth
I will lift Your name on high
And the world will know Your greatness
You are my God I will shout Your fame.”

Lana was singing loudly as she was enjoying her usual Friday night run with her earphones plugged-in to her ears. After running for 5 kilometres, she decided to cool down when her phone rang.

You almost always catch me at good timing Leera! I am just cooling down now from running.” Lana answered her phone as she was still panting.

It’s already 9 PM and you are still running?” Leera quipped.

Don’t forget my friend that you are one hour ahead of our time but yes, I love running at night. When I am tired, I always feel like running to clear my head.” Lana quickly answered.

Oh right! But anyway, I am so excited to speak to you…” Leera took a deep breath.

You sounded so happy! Come on, spill the bean! Did you talk to Zee?” Lana sounded so excited.

I was taking my time before I talk to him. Then yesterday morning, he sent me a bouquet of flowers and of course, he inserted a note saying he’s sorry and invited me for a dinner.”

That sounds exciting!“, Lana said.

So we went out last night at my favourite seafood place at the bay.” Leera continued.

And then? I can feel that you are going to drop a bomb or something! haha” Lana interrupted. “So did he propose?”

Haha! Wait for the punch line! I want to enjoy reminiscing what happened.” Leera giggled then continued, “He asked me to forget awhile what had happened last week and just enjoy the view and my favorite crab. So I did and I just enjoyed the moment. All the sweet memories came back to me. I again fell inlove with him! I felt like God reminded me how great Zee is. Then he said, let me try to say as exactly as he said it,

”I am sorry if you felt I did not take you into consideration when I took the new job. In fact, I did. You were on my mind the whole time, just that everything came to me too quickly. My boss himself asked me to take it because he said I am their best choice.

And while he was talking, I saw the sincerity and love in his eyes and I am so proud of him. His hard work is paying off!

“Wooooow! You two are so adorable and see? Just be willing to listen first without arguing with your head.” Lana reminded her friend about their last talk.

“So true. You were really right my friend. I was caught up with my emotions. He explained more how his boss affirmed him and so on. I enjoyed listening to him. You know, it is that feeling of being pat of his world. He told me all the perks he will also get by taking his new job. He also said that he will take me there for a vacation together with my mom once he is settled. He said that it is already in his plan while signing the contract. Then he said that he wanted to give me something that he has actually been keeping for about 3 months now. He was just waiting for the perfect moment to do so and there he took a small box from his bag… and said the most romantic short speech I have ever heard in my life.”

Aaaawww… So sweeet! What did he say? I bet you kept it playing on your mind since last night, haha!” Lana teased.

Oh and you guessed it right! He said,

”Before I pursued you, I have already asked God many times if this is it and so when I got a very clear answer from Him, I knew it then that this day will come. I am sorry it took years but I want you to know that the more I know you, the more I get excited to spend the rest of my life with you. You are my answered prayer. Will you complete my joy by spending the rest of your life with me?”

And I was speechless and yes, in tears and all I could say was, ”Yes.”

Yes and that answer was more than enough for him. I wish I was there. It is really amazing when a relationship is CHRIST-centered. I am sooooooo happy for you my friend. Congratulations! And I am also in tears now, haha” Lana said.

Thank you my friend. You know after what happened last week, I was arguing with my head. I felt like I was justifying myself. I wanted to tell him then that, I am willing to wait some more but he got to give me a word that I can hold on to. It is hard to wait without tangible words from him. I wanted to see a clear plan and his timeline, not just on his head. I was just tired analyzing things. As much as I wanted to hope that he was just preparing himself, I can’t and will not assume that he is unless he tells me so. Sometimes I can feel that he wants me to understand him and I am more than willing to do so but he got to communicate it with me. Let me be part of the planning too. But anyway, I took your advise to pray first and really seek God. I am so glad I spoke to you. So I just poured out my emotions to God. I thought God was silent the whole week, haha but little did I know that He was actually preparing a surprise for me!” Leera shared.

There are moments in our lives that God will not say a word. He will just let us go through it and He will show His answers along the way. And in those moments we will see that His grace will indeed enable us. Oh, God is so good.” Lana replied.

Amen. You nailed it my friend. So any update on your side?” Leera switched the topic.

Hey, is it part of your agenda to ask mine everytme you call?  haha”, Lana quipped.

Sort of! haha. But you got to know that I am learning a lot on how you handle yours. Does that justify enough? haha. So, did he already speak up?” Leera insisting.

“Who? Oh yes, my friend’s dad told me that he really liked me for his son!” Lana and Leera laughed.

That is interesting! But you know that I was referring to Jeremy!” Leera continued to insist.

Hey, it was only a week since we last spoke and…” Lana took a sigh then continued, “No, nothing new still. No word from him.”

“But I remember you said that you got a word from God right? And his friends are telling you too?” Leera continued to fish.

Well, yes I believe I got it from God but that is reason why we have to test every word. Not because you believe that God is telling you that then it is already true. No matter how many visions and dreams you think you have, we have to test if it’s from God. That is why there’s counselling too. Sometimes we are just so blinded with our emotions and swayed by what people say. That is why above anything else, we have to guard our hearts because it is deceitful at times. So for me, the only tangible confirmation if I got God’s message correctly is when or if Jeremy himself will tell his side. Otherwise, everything is still written on water. Remember our so-called 11th commandment? Thou shalt not assume, haha. Kidding aside, all I know now is that I am meant to be pursued. Let me be a woman. Meanwhile, I will continue waiting on God, not on Jeremy. ” Lana said.

“I really admire how you handle relationships. I know there were other guys before who expressed their intentions but you really take this matter seriously. You sometimes joke about it but you are really very catious on this. You stay prayerful. How privileged Jeremy would be to have you! haha. Oh sorry, whoever God has for you!’‘ Leera answered.

I know that as long as I stay in God’s alignment and rest my heart to His care, nothing can steal away my joy. I know too that He will give the desires of my heart as I continue to delight in Him and in fact, I believe, the great unveiling is coming very soon.” Lana was smiling as she shared her heart to her friend.

Then Leera answered, ”A woman of wisdom indeed! I am learning a lot not just through your advises but though your testimonies. How you carry yourself is admirable! They really helped me to stay anchored in God.”

Thank God for His abounding grace! Thank you too for trusting me. Hey, as much as I want to talk more, I am home and it’s time to take a shower! I smell already! haha. Congratulations again! I am so happy for both of you.” Lana said.

Thank you my friend. Thank you for your time. Go and take your shower before you stink, haha!” Leera giggled.

Haha. Yes! Bye!” Lana quipped.

The two friends ended their call with so much joy and peace in their heart.

If you were not able to read the Part 1, just click here.

Photo used not mine.


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