True love waits? (a short story)

It was a quiet Saturday evening. Lana went up to the rooftop and enjoyed the view of the starry night. She put on her headset and listened to her acoustic worship playlist on her phone.

Finally, I get to rest my mind after a very busy week”, she said to herself. While singing along with the song and stargazing, her phone rang. It was her friend Leera. Though she was enjoying the serenity, she decided to pick up the phone.

Hey Leera! It has been awhile! How’s the winter in Korea now?” Lana said in an excited voice but there was silence on the other end of the line.

Hey, are you ok?” Lana asked in a lower tone.

I honestly don’t know my friend.” Leera answered then took a deep sigh. “I just remembered that you are the wisest friend that I know so I called you. I hope you don’t mind.

Anything I can do to help?” Lana asked.

Well… It’s Zee. He decided to take the job offer in the US for another 2 years! He said it’s really a good opportunity. You know that I don’t want it. I already waited for him for 2 years when he took his new project in Singapore and now this. It’s even farther now! I asked him to reconsider many times. I already warned him that it may not work this time. We had lunch this afternoon and he said he already signed the contract. What else can I say? Why do I have to keep on waiting for him? You said before that love perseveres. That love always wins. I believed on that and that’s why I was able to wait for him in the last 4 years… but this time, I am honestly finding hard to hold on.” Leera was almost screaming and non-stop sharing her feelings. “I am sorry. I am just really disappointed. Why can’t he listen to me? Why not fight for me this time? He said that he’s doing this for our future but I feel that he’s just doing this for himself”, Leera continued. “Tell me, am I not in any position to be disappointed?

Well…” Lana paused, taking time to answer. “That is how you felt and my mentor told me once that emotions are valid. It just depends on how we will respond to all these emotions. Trust me, I understand what you are feeling and you have a point.”

I have a point right? I am making sense right?” Leera said, trying to get her feelings validated.

Yes, you definitely have a point and right, you are making sense. All your points are valid and I may feel the same way if I were at your shoes. Why not talk to him again and this time, listen to him calmly without arguing in your head? I meant, sometimes, we can’t really listen because we are already reasoning with our head even before listening to the person. I tend to be like that and so I keep reminding myself to listen first with the full intention of listening.”

Leera was keenly listening to her friend. Then Lana continued, “Then after, speak your mind too. You are disappointed then tell him you are. Be honest to what you are feeling but make sure in a calm way. Ask his plans. Like a clear plan.”

Leera sighed, “Plans… exactly and he’s leaving again without me knowing if he plans to even marry me. It has been what? 4 years into this relationship. We both prayed for this.  I have been patient, he knows that. Even when someone from the office expressed his intention to me. I was so certain about us until this… What about you? How do you keep yourself together while waiting?

Me? I didn’t see that question coming!” Lana laughed a bit. “To be honest, I don’t know. See? We’re both on the same boat, haha!”.

The two giggled. “I guess same feathers flock together huh?” Leera teased.

Ok, kidding aside”, Lana said. “We’re on a very similar but different situation. First of all, the two of you are already on a relationship. Someone told me that when you commit yourself into a relationship, both shall compromise. I don’t mean compromise the good things. I meant if it’s just preferences then maybe one can give way. If it’s something for the betterment of the person, then that person shall adjust. If something that both have points like your situation then sit down and really talk. Clear the air. I have to be honest and maybe you will be surprised in hearing this from me but…” Lana paused. “True love really waits and I am a solid subscriber of that but honestly as I mature, sometimes, we have to clearly define what that love is. I mean, waiting is good and I have waited for so long you know that but you have to make sure that you are waiting for the right reasons and for the right person.”

Wooow, deep! Is that you Lana? Where is this love always perseveres advice that I got from you last year?” Leera teased Lana.

Yes it does perseveres but you already did your part of waiting. I honestly can’t answer now if you still have to wait for 2 more years? That’s up to you. Just make sure you will not regret it. Like you said, it may no longer work. I honestly can’t tell you now, with your situation, if waiting is still the wisest advice you can hear from me. I don’t have crystal answer for that. It will really be hard if you depend your plans on him. You also have set of goals, right? It will be hard if one day you will blame him for not fighting for what you also want. One thing I am certain though, the two of you should talk. I meant really talk. And hey, pray before you talk to him ok? Ask God for guidance. Let your voice be heard but more importantly, let God’s voice take the upper hand. He is the only who can clearly give the answer that you are seeking.”

Alright. Thanks a lot my friend. But if I may ask, does it mean you are no longer waiting for him?”, Leera asked.

Haha! So you are throwing the question to me now? Honestly? I have set a deadline last month. Well, not for him but for myself. I already started to feel that I am dragging myself to the fantasy of true love. You know, I realized that it’s not just enough that the two of you love each other or share the same vision. I think there’s a strong factor of “timeline”. Like no one is forcing me to still wait and at the same time, no one is forcing him to go for it now. Does it makes any difference if one person is ready while the other is still not? Yes, true love waits but sometimes, we are just making the fantasy of what true love means or who is our true love. You know what I mean? So I guess I am done waiting for him but definitely not done on waiting on the Lord. I am waiting for my TRUE LOVE of course, you know that romantic side of me, haha, and I still hope it’s him but this time, I just want to depend on God and not on my fantasy. At the end of the day, I believe that GOD is still the perfect match maker… and there’s no doubt in my mind that He knows the perfect timing.” Lana explained.

Ladies and gentlemen, here’s your Miss Universe 2015. Lana Light!” Leera was laughing as she was teasing her friend.

Lana laughed really out loud. “Thank you. Thank you.” Lana beamed.

But hey, thanks my friend. I feel a lot better now. I think I just actually needed to take all these negative emotions out of my chest. I will talk to him this week. I just need time to listen to my thoughts and see what I really want. And of course, need to do a lot of praying, haha”. Leera said on a lighter mode now.

No problem my friend. You know what? I think this conversation was a blessing in disguise. I needed to listen to my thoughts too.” Lana said.

I always remember your favourite verse that he who refreshes others, he himself will be refreshed. Right?” Leera asked.

Right on my friend. That’s Proverbs 11:25, now remember that too!” Lana answered.

Ok, ok, I will. Alright, I should let you rest then. Enjoy resting.” Leera said.

Keep me posted. Take care my friend and I will also pray for you. Bye.” Lana responded.

Yes please, I needed that and I will also pray for you. Bye.” Leera then ended the call.


Lana was smiling then looked up and said, “You are really good God. Thank You.” She then put her headset back on and continued listening to her playlist.


Photo used not mine.



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