Silence kills…

“But Jesus remained silent…” Matt 26:63.

When Jesus was thrown with questions and people were expecting Him to say a word, ironic as it may seem, but HE remained silent…

In a war of raging emotions coupled with restless thoughts, silence is the least likely weapon that people hold on to… but when you have already given all, done everything and said every word, silence is your next best weapon. It’s never easy but when you do, you will realize that really, it’s never about proving who’s right or wrong… It’s never about winning your case… or are we after that? I guess not… I believe not… Winning our case is worthless if we lose someone’s heart in the process – could be losing your own heart, someone else’s or HIS heart.

Another Jesus’ response that taught me a lot was how HE remained calm when the people brought the woman that was caught in adultery to HIM. They were all waiting for what HE has to say but in reply, HE bent down and wrote on the ground. (John 8:4-6)

Jesus actions are sometimes so hard to comprehend and I honestly didn’t know what HIS intention was when He bent down after HE was thrown with that “killer” question but one thing I’m certain though was that He didn’t answer straight away. He didn’t throw back His most anticipated response the way they expected Him to. So yes, you don’t have to dance with their music; you can bend down for awhile… and let HIS rhythm move you.

Silence kills… It does kill something in you… It kills your pointless pride and it teaches you to wear your cloak of humility… It kills your fleshly wishes and it teaches you to soak deeper into HIS presence… Above all, it kills every part that drives you to move ahead before His instruction; it teaches you to just wait on God… I mean, really wait on GOD.

“… but a man of understanding remains silent.” Proverbs 11:12

PS: written on 27 Oct 2012


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