We want to make things easier? First we have to accept that they are not going to be easy.

Responding to our call. Planting a church. Staying in alignment. Over the years I have spent in the nations, there’s this one thing I realized: IT IS NOT EASY. Well, it is not! If it is, where’s the fulfillment in that? If it is, where can we exercise our faith?

It is not easy and the irony is that the sooner we accept that fact, the sooner it will make these challenges ”easier”. The more we realize that, the more we will divert our attention from focusing on our discouragements to finding solutions and dealing with the realities. There’s a big difference in there. It will save us a lot of time and effort.

We set so many timelines and expectations and when they are not met, we get discouraged. We begin to ask: “what have I done?” or “Did I hear Him wrong?” It is definitely great to have time to think, evaluate, soak in His presence, pray and seek but sometimes we have to know that it doesn’t mean when we are struggling, we are at the wrong track. The more we accept that things will not work in a snap, no matter how we want them, the more we would see that they are all part of the process. They are inevitable. They are realities to face squarely and not discouragements to stop us. We get so excited and say “I will influence the world” and “I will go to the nations” but then no matter how much we prepare ourselves or even carry this manual with us, we still sometimes get surprised with “this” and “that”. Oh I am sure that yes we can and yes, definitely we can go wherever God will lead us but we should accept that along the way, “this” and “that” challenges will come.

Let us accept it, it is not going to be easy. There’s the outside challenges and inside struggles. There is the law of the land and we are ought to respect that. When Jesus was asked about paying taxes, didn’t He say ”give to Caesar what is due to Caesar” (Mark 12:17)? Because that is the law of the land. We can’t escape when the government will deny our visa application. There’s this culture differences. There’s this do’s and don’ts that we really have to watch. There’s the issues at work. There’s this family concerns. Apart from that, we also have some personal dealings. There is the emotions. There is our limitations.

Is there any stories of the great men and women in the Bible that was easy? In fact, in many cases, God made it harder for them to comprehend? Why did GOD ask Gideon to lessen his troops in so much great number and left him with ONLY 300 men? It is a huge drop from 32,000! Why? So they would know that it was God who gave them the victory (Judges 7:2). Or why did Jesus asked His disciples to take nothing with them for their journey except a staff (Mark 6:8)? It is for them to know GOD provides and they do not lack anything (Luke 22:35). Or isn’t Paul dealt with different life-threatening encounters? Or what about Job? It was never easy for them but one thing for sure, they got the victory. They tasted God’s amazing power. They have witnessed miracles through and in their lives.

Jesus never said “everything will be easy” but he said “everything is possible to those who believe” (Mark 9:23)! It is not easy but it is not impossible! In Philippians 4:13 (NIV) is says, “I can do ALL this through Him who gives me strength.”

PS: written on 01 Feb 2015

PS: Written on 01 Feb 2015


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