It’s all about meeting of the hearts!

What is happening inside is far more important than what’s happening outside… because the “inside” is the compass of the “outside”.

In the world today, it’s no longer who’s right or wrong… People have created their own truth and when you approach them carrying your own truth they will definitely resist. Even the least person you expect to shy away, the heart will listen more to the person who had touched his/her heart, especially at the very season he/she needed…

MEETING OF THE HEARTS – Even before I have truly come to know the LORD and have a deeper knowledge and experience of what a true love is, this is the language that all the beliefs, cultures and all across ages and generations understand… In fact, this is something it can’t be spelled out in simple words, it is just something to be felt.

We practice our gifts, which is good… definitely good… but getting into someone’s life is getting into his or her heart. So whatever we do to anyone – family, brethren or friends – be it in explosive words, expensive gifts and all — if your hearts don’t meet, they will just remain as words or as gifts or as it is… Like what they say, the mind may forget but the heart recognizes.

Those words above were written in Oct 2011. And this past few days, God has put so much value on COVENANT. It’s been ringing on my head and pounding in my heart for a couple of days now. And so I came to a conclusion that COVENANT is stronger than any bond – it’s more than meeting of the hearts! Because in COVENANT, GOD is your witness. So covenant will supersede all the physical eyes can see. It speaks beyond words. Understand beyond actions. Love beyond understanding.

PS: written on 04 June 2012


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