By Faith: My “Personalized” HEBREWS 11

By faith, I was called by God to be His agent of LOVE.
By faith, I can see the invisible God in every circumstance.
By faith, I can feel His hands securing me.
By faith, I can find joy and peace in HIS presence.
By faith, my heart can rejoice in the midst of pain and confusion.
By faith, my feet can walk in rugged and high places.
By faith, my hands are being blessed as I bless others.
By faith, HE anoints my mouth to release and declare blessings.
By faith, I trust His thoughts rather mine.
By faith, I lift my hands in worship in every season.
By faith, I bow my knees to the ONE who is holding my heart.
By faith, I rest my case to the ONE who owns my life.
By faith, I submit my will to the ONE who has the perfect plan for me.

What more can I say as words are not enough to express my heart?

By faith, I endured and still enduring.
By faith, I crossed the sea of challenges.
By faith, HE brought my feet to the nations for greater calling.
By faith, HE called me to lead and inspire more people.
By faith, HE positioned me to receive more revelations.
By faith, He placed me to a family of inspiring believers.
By faith, HE ignited my heart to run with passion.
By faith, He handpicked me to bring joy.
By faith, HE blessed me with many gifts.
By faith, I enjoy His sweet company.
By faith, I am more than a conqueror.
By faith, I am destined for greatness.
By faith, I step out from LOVE, with LOVE, for LOVE and to LOVE.

PS: written on 25 November 2011


This artwork was given to me in 2012 with this note: “Just as a bottle in the ocean carries wishes and messages, so does your life. God is putting in you His very message to the world and He is carrying you in His ocean of security. Have faith.” – prophetic arts, ICPM 2012


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