Christianity doesn’t make sense

One of my contacts in social media, who I highly regard when it comes to my career, posted something about different “beliefs” last week. It was actually written in Chinese and I don’t normally read such for obvious reason (I can’t read!) but I felt something different that morning so I used the translator and it says “Christian also pay attention to rational debate to the place where doesn’t make sense that they pay attention to “faith”, “heart”” He was comparing different beliefs but I only posted here about what was said about Christianity.

Then I added a comment to his surprise.

Me: interesting view… 🙂

Him: Haha you understood?

Me: yes… my “faith” made me understand and my “heart” says it’s nice to hear other views. haha! kidding. Thanks to the translation tool! 🙂

Him: I am NOT comparing to say which is better. They are just different. I am still seeking

Me: haha! Perfectly understood. I also read other views so interesting to listen to different perspective. No offense taken. 🙂

Him: I could be wrong in what I said about christianity so please correct me

Me: Well… There are a lot of things in this world that are beyond our comprehension… Things that don’t make any sense at all yet it is what it is – in all aspects not just beliefs. So yes, in a way you are right, there are things that may not make sense if looking from our mere eyes… A life of Christianity is walking by faith and not by sight. It may not make sense to others and yes, may not make sense even to the Christian himself or herself but that’s where all the more we feel God’s guidance. It is where, I personally, ”grew” all the more. Christianity is a lifestyle… but the more we walk by faith, the more we will see and in His time, He makes us understand. That’s why from one of the verses in the Bible it says, His word is a lamp unto my feet… is like when we are walking somewhere in the dark, we may not see the whole picture now but as we continue walking on with our lamp on, we will see it eventually… so no offense taken because it’s true that won’t make sense sometimes… That’s walking by faith… Many people say, to see is to believe… for Christians, to believe is to see. (Well not everyone who calls themselves as Christians are really Christian…)

Him: how true

And I believe this was a “divine intervention”! It was a “set-up” by God for me to share my faith! 🙂 Well, this is actually not our first time to talk about faith and I can feel God’s guidance every time we sit and talk. 🙂


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