An Atheist made me stronger!

When I was in my sophomore year at the University of the Philippines, my professor in philosophy was an atheist. The very first day of our class, he boldly announced that he is an atheist then asked who believe in God. I considered myself a baby Christian then (I grew up believing in God but it was only in my freshman year in college that I can truly say that I began my personal relationship with Him) but in spite of my only-one-year-Christian-journey then, I had the audacity to stand firm in my faith. My heart was pounding hard then to be honest but I raised my hand without hesitation. I looked around and gladly I can see a few more hands raised.

He then asked, “Why do you believe?” He didn’t wait for an answer from any of us but went on and said, “I was in fact raised in a Christian family but I searched for the truth.” He took his Bible out and showed to the class. “I used to read the Bible actually and the more I search for the truth, the more I find it. What I realized is that I don’t want to believe on something just because my parents told me so”, he continued. Our professor was actually gentle in sharing his thoughts. In fact, he’s a “nice” guy but I was really uncomfortable at my seat while listening to every word he was saying. As nervous as I was, I raised my hand and he was kind to allow me to speak. “You know sir, we’re the same in a way. I don’t want a pass-on religion. I believe there are so many people out there who believe in God just because it’s the existing culture they were raised into and that’s why it so easy for them to fall when doubts come. I dared to question what I was believing. At one point in my life I questioned if God even exist and same with you, the more I seek, the more I found the truth but the difference is, I found the truth in GOD. I found Him. I’ve felt Him.” Our professor was just intently listening and did not interrupt me though I knew it didn’t change his mind but my goal was not to persuade him anyway but to also share what’s in my heart.

In one of our classes he said, “They say God is love, right?” He then wrote on the board “GOD = LOVE”. Then, “they also say that love is blind.” So he wrote, “LOVE = BLIND”. “So using the Mathematical equation, we can say that…” he then wrote, “GOD = BLIND.” I wanted to say something then but I just couldn’t form a word. I was mum the whole class and those words were buzzing in my heard the whole day; in fact, they lingered the whole semester. But because of that encounter, I seek God all the more. I may not be able to explain in that moment but I knew it in my heart that soon God will give me the wisdom that I need. This is where our personal experiences come to play the biggest role. People may question our faith even how influential they are but when you have the personal moment with God, it is something NO ONE can question because you can say with full confidence (with pride and humility at the same time), “I can see where you are coming from and I understand and I respect that but this is really something I have experienced myself.” It’s like no matter how many people will insist that it’s impossible for you to see your friend Sam for whatever reason they may say but when you saw him and talked to him yourself, no one can convince you otherwise.

After a year or so, those phrases came back to me like a resounding echo. GOD = BLIND. Then suddenly I felt the Holy Spirit talking to me and made me realized that it’s true, GOD = BLIND. What does it mean when we say love is blind? It means, you love no matter what. You love not according to the outward appearance. You love in spite and despite of. You love even if you have endless reasons not to. You love the person simply because you love. NO IFs. NO BUTs. So coming from the same context of LOVE =BLIND, then right, GOD = BLIND. Because guess what? GOD loves unconditionally.

I also talked to another atheist in our dormitory then and she also threw me a mind-blowing question but the more I am faced with these questions, the more I am pushed to get deeper in God’s wonders and words, the more I pray and the more my faith gets stronger. So no matter how “logical” their words are, I know that the TRUTH can be found in seeking HIM. I am not in any position to judge any person. I don’t even promote “debating” because I believe our fruits shall speak for our faith but I am not surprised if they can’t find GOD because the only people who could truly find HIM are those who earnestly seek Him. God said, “You will seek Me and find Me when you seek me with all your heart.” Jeremiah 29:13, NIV


17 thoughts on “An Atheist made me stronger!

    1. 🙂 thanks for liking. This story is legit. It really happened… In fairness to the professor, the way I see was that he was not actually pushing his beliefs to us but rather more on challenging each one to check what we are believing. He was kind enough to let his students speak up their minds. 🙂 Ofcourse, the conversation he was coming from was logic as it’s philosophy/humanity class. 🙂


      1. As a Philosophy major (and current teacher) myself I can’t imagine a professor saying these things, especially in a Philosophy course! “Challenging” beliefs is one thing, but the “history of ideas” and “love of wisdom” that Philosophy presents is quite ample for raising those questions and challenges!
        I wish you well on your path.


  1. “You will seek Me and find Me when you seek me with all your heart.” I read this as “those needing to believe will believe, those not needing to believe won’t believe”. I don’t need to believe and therefore I’m an atheist, but if it works for you I’m not knocking it. In some ways, we atheists should envy you theists your certainty in believing in the existence of an afterlife. Instead, I work on the principle that we only get one shot at life, so make the best of it while you can.


    1. Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. 🙂 Well, understanding the Bible is not just taking a slice of a cake but have to see the whole of it.. anyway, with the verse I picked I see it as like there are things we can’t find because we’re not really looking or our heart is not into it… or sometimes we use difference lens that may cloud our vision to see the true color… 🙂 and yes, my faith is working for me. it is my lifestyle 🙂 thanks again for dropping. 🙂 blessings!


      1. Good morning! 🙂 thanks for sharing. when i said my comment, Im actually not only referring to CHRISTianity but in all aspects and I think it is not just ”world view” but scientific. Like emotions may hinder us to see or past experiences, there’s psychological effect or even looking for a small things at home, sometimes we can’t find what we are looking because we are not really looking. 🙂 thanks for the link! I actually read your last post night. i browsed your blog after you commented here. thank you for sharing! 🙂


  2. Why were you so afraid to share your thoughts? You say that the professor listens as you explain your beliefs. I would think that your professor needs to ask why there is this fear. It is one thing to encourage students to share their thoughts. It is quite another thing to say for example God =blind. What I get offended by is when some atheists attack Christians for their beliefs. One such person said my wife was stupid because of her beliefs.

    The professor can foster debate on an issue, but from what you have said the way your teacher presented the lesson it was quite clear what his belief system was. he should be impartial as a philosophy professor.

    There needs to be a mutual respect of atheists to believe what they believe and Christians to believe what they believe.

    In the final analysis though we are all searching for our own reality with all of our questions and doubts. We grow through this process even if we are left with more questions than answers.

    Keep sharing your faith. It is your right. I commend you for your courage to stand up for what you believe in.


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    1. thanks a lot kevin 🙂 i think it is normal to have that feeling for a young student in front of a professor 🙂 i was too young in my faith then but i didn’t let that feeling took the upper hand. after all, i think courage is not the absence of fear but standing up in spite of that. and ofcourse, i agree, people pursue what they want to believe, whether atheist or other beliefs… and that’s why all the more our own personal experiences with God makes anchor us… 🙂

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      1. I do agree with you that being nervous as a young university student in sharing your beliefs is completely normal. I too can remember my heart pounding especially when sharing an opposite viewpoint to most of the students in the class. At a conservative Bible college I said in a cultural communication class that Buddhism is closer to Christian philosophy than many people believe because of their belief in a spiritual path and in helping others.

        Yet, a wonderful thing happened! As I shared why I believe this about Buddhists one student supported my view followed by another. Not everyone agreed with me. It was bold of me to say what I did, but I had a professor named Rev. Dr. Will Rooen, who encouraged us all to speak our mind. Will knew I would speak up because he knew me well. This tender and courageous man of God was my journalism professor. I was deeply humbled when he selected me out of the journaism class for an internship. Will died of congestive heart failure a few years ago. I pray the lessons he taught me about Christian journalists being truth speakers will continue to live on in me.

        If more Christians were softer in the way they share their beliefs perhaps more atheists and agnostics would listen. The apostle Paul teaches the Christians at Corinth that they are living letters to all they share their faith with. He says, “You are our letter, written in our hearts, known and read by all men; being manifested that you are a letter of Christ, [a]cared for by us, written not with ink but with the Spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone but on tablets of [b]human hearts” (2 Cor. 3:2-3 NASB). What kind of letter are we as Christians writing on the hearts of those we witness to? Will it be a letter that is accepted or rejected?

        Oh, that the believer and the unbeliever would see love and acceptance in our hearts! Our calling as Christians is a tough one. There will be those who respect us and those who reject us. We are as a former pastor said in one of his sermons “simply called to be faithful.” We need not hammer the gospel message home of love and acceptance for all. Often, by the way we live our lives others will see the story of our lives played out.

        You are living that story of Christ’s love through how you so carefully respond to your readers.

        Keep shining your light. You may never know the many lives you are making an impact upon. God knows though and He sees.

        Your thoughts are so deeply valued by me.

        Have a Son-filled week ahead!


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