Odessa, July and August (a short story)

July looking proud of her friend, Odessa, ‘’It was really fun time huh? Too many great things happened and I even witnessed a key milestone in your life.’’ Then she tapped her friend’s shoulder. Odessa replied with a big smile, ‘’Oh yea, amazing time with you indeed! It was like a breath-taking roller coaster ride.’’ Then laughed a bit and added, ‘’in a great way of course. I am happy.’’

‘’What else can say?’’ July responded. ‘’God’s grace and faithfulness is everywhere. He is in every story. God is great my friend. God is great.’’

Odessa took a deep sigh and looked around feeling God’s presence, “I couldn’t agree more July. I am in awe of His grace. His grace is abounding!”

While the two friends were thanking God for the challenging yet fantastic journey, a common friend across the street was waiving. Looking happy and ecstatic, she ran towards them. July first noticed, “Oh here’s August!” Odessa looked around with a big smile. “Oh there’s the sweet smile I always miss!” August quipped looking at Odessa. “Hello to you too August!” Odessa greeted her then three friends laughed.

“Oh hey, I hate to go but I better leave the two of you. I am confident that God will take you to another great journey. And Odessa, always remember…” July smiled while Odessa is eagerly waiting for what she is about to say, “Keep a grateful heart my friend. Like you always say, no one can put a grateful heart down!” Odessa smiled, “Thank you for the sweet reminder my friend.” Then she put her right hand on her chest, pointing to her heart then said, “It always boils down to the state of our hearts.” August put her arms around the two, “Right on my great friends! But hey, enough of the drama and let July keep going.” The two laughed.

“So, I guess see you somewhere else next time?” July smilingly asked Odessa. “You bet!” Odessa quickly quipped. Then July finally left the two.

“Hey I am really excited for this! I know September couldn’t wait to see you but this my time alright?” August grinned.

“Oh don’t you worry. I will keep that on mind and hey, see? I am happy to see you!” Odessa responded.

“Alright! That’s the Odessa that I know. Always up to the challenge. She’s not perfect but I am proud of her just the same.” August beamed.

“Hey, come on! Who is perfect?” Odessa swiftly responded. The two giggled.

“Let us make this season count! I say, bring it on!” Then August lift her right hand signalling for a high five. Odessa, with all smiles, gave her friend a big high five then said, “Bring it on!” Then she closed her eyes to quickly pray, “Thank You Father and yes, bring it on!”

Then the two friends started their journey with so much peace.
(Photo used is not mine.)


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