A Friend or a Foe

Of all the friends in the world, there is someone you should be a friend to. The best thing about her is that she treats everyone equally but the tricky part is that how she will treat you depend on how you will treat her. She could be as sweet as you could imagine but she could also be fierce more than anyone could be. Treat her well and she will vouch for you. Treat her terrible and she will knock you out.

If she is your friend, your journey would be smoother. If you treat her right, your life will be taken cared well. She is a friend that gives back in great measure. The only thing she asks is to make each moment with her count.

And no matter how much she wants to be there for you all the time, if you ignore her, you will be having hard time catching her. If you let her go, she will never come back.  If you misuse her, she will be your toughest foe.

You are given a fair shot. Make her a friend or a foe – she leaves that choice to you.

And if you are wondering who she is? She is TIME.

“So teach us to number our days, That we may gain a heart of wisdom.” Psalm 90:12, NKJV

PS: written on 20 March 2015


5 thoughts on “A Friend or a Foe

    1. Yeah… I believe there’s so much more in store for us when we really know how to value the time… well I guess, there must be a strong reason why we can’t be in two places at one time… because it helps us really make the wise decision how to spend out time. 🙂

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