Oh sometimes…

Sometimes, you just want to sit in a corner where no one else could find you546420_4224045592825_245185726_n
Or just fly to a mountain where not a single person could touch you
Or dance under the rain that no one will dare to stop you
Or maybe just stare the stillness of the sea and feel the breeze where no one is around you

Sometimes, you just want to do something “not you”
Something that will just make you feel good
Something that would make the time freeze for you
Or something that will make all the birds flock around you

Sometimes you feel like playing around the clock
Going fast forward to have a glimpse of the future
Or pressing rewind to hold back some memories
Or pause some pictures on your mind, capturing every detail

Sometimes, you enjoy the attention
But sometimes you long for your space
Sometimes, you pray for the courage to speak
Yet sometimes, you also seek for the strength to remain quiet

Oh sometimes, you don’t know what you want
Or clueless how to juggle all things with 2 hands
And sometimes things would trigger you to change your mind
But sometimes, all you have to do… is to do nothing

With many choices in a box, sometimes you don’t know which one fits you best
With your joy to paint love around you sometimes left you puzzled which color to pick
Oh sometimes… and all these “sometimes” moments
Still, would lead you ALWAYS to one thing and one place… To a place that never change — HIS place
PS: random thoughts within 30 minutes, alone at riverside… 06 August 2010


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