When everything is just temporary

Sometimes, you won’t see things because your heart is not into it. There are various lessons God is teaching us yet we sometimes tend to see them with our mere eyes.

Everything is temporary.” This is ringing on my head since yesterday. It’s been over a year that I couldn’t settle myself in. I have seen changes after changes that I found it hard to catch up. At many times, I found myself just keeping my head above the water. When I was suddenly taken out from the place I thought I was thriving, it took me time to really move on. Then I realized, I was struggling because my other foot was still stuck on the other end – my comfort zone. So I made a declaration and commanded myself that I will get up from bed seeing things from His perspective. It took me awhile to see that but I’m glad I found the courage to do so.

One thing I have proven true again is that there’s wisdom in letting go, in surrendering it all to God. And so after I made that decision, I found myself again walking on water. I started to see myself again in my best form and the best part is, I started enjoying each moment of waiting.

But right, this is again “temporary” as another beginning is quickly approaching. Sometimes, when we start to get the hang of it, is actually the perfect message that it’s time again to let go. God taught me and still teaching me that all these “temporary” moments have “eternal” purposes. What I have learnt is that obedience to God doesn’t really require “understandingbut obedience will later on make us understand.

There are a lot of things in our walk that don’t make any sense on an outright but God is asking us to just plunge in and as we keep on taking the step of faith, as we keep on holding on to His grip in the midst of uncertainties, He will make us understand and see the beauty of His impecable plan. We just have to make a decision to align our heart to all these wonderful mysteries He has on mind.

The grass withers and the flowers fade, but the word of our God stands forever.” Isaiah 40:8, NLT

PS – written on 27 July 2014.


7 thoughts on “When everything is just temporary

  1. Keeping our eyes on the eternal from day-to-day is so difficult when this temporary life and its struggles seem so real and concrete! Keep walking the walk. .. God’s plans are always so much bigger than ours anyway!

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