Travel Feature: Maldives

I remember one of my former colleagues asked me several years ago, “So how’s your social life? I find it boring going to church every Sunday.” I answered, “My church is also my social life. I hang out with my churchmates. We spend time together. We enjoy life. We welcome people outside our church. Well ofcourse, I also spend time with friends outside the church.”

Sometimes, I think people see Christianity as boring because they limit it in the four corners of “church building” but in fact, it goes way beyond that. Our churchmates are not just there to do ministry together but also to discover life and create precious memories.

My churchmates and I flew to Maldives in June 2013 but as early as January, we already arranged our trip via travel agency. We found a very good travel package that includes plane tickets and accommodation. You want to travel but hoping for discounted rates? Look for early promotions! 🙂


We departed from Singapore to Malaysia then to Maldives which was more than 12 hours travel time including the transit. The flight was good and the service of Malaysia Airlines was great (oh yes, Malaysia Airlines). 🙂

It was already past 10 pm (their time) when we reached the place but despite the long journey, we were energized when we saw the beach! We just couldn’t hide our joy! It was evening then but the clearness of the water couldn’t escape our eyes! I was really ecstatic!

The following morning, some of us woke up really early to capture the sunrise. Me? Not that early. haha!

toe dipping...
toe dipping…
Who could resist the clear water?
Who could resist the clear water?

And the beachfront of Paradise Island was amazing! Paradise indeed! So perfect to read the Bible and be immersed in God’s presence.

Chill mode :)
Chill mode 🙂

And with this wonderful place, who will not enjoy walking?


Kungfu fighting! :)
Kungfu fighting! 🙂

My words can tell how much I enjoyed the place but it wouldn’t really be that perfect without having my lovely friends around.


How did we spend our 3 days? Here’s the video clip I prepared before and let it speak for itself: click here to watch

And that is just one of the great moments I had with my churchmates. Was it boring? Fellowship makes our Christian journey more exciting! 🙂


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