I feel like everyone is on their feet eager to see how my lovelife will unfold. In fact just this morning I was asked again about it aside from my time-to-time follow-up message from my sister! 🙂

LOVE makes the world go round and at the same time, stand still. When it comes to lovelife, people will sometimes stop what they are doing and say something like, ”Oh really? They are dating?” or ”What happened? They broke up?” or ”Awww, finally they are together”. It seems like it is everyone’s business! But I guess that’s how powerful love is. It is something Science will fall short in explaining. They could relate it to hormones and all other things but it can never explain fully the depth of this feeling — LOVE.

While others look forward to that day, I looked back to the wedding ceremonies I witnessed (most of the times as secondary sponsor) with the couples that are very dear to me.



While seeing my friends walked down the aisle or the grooms’ glow on their faces, or their families and friends laughing and sharing joy, I couldn’t help but be amazed on how God orchestrate things even to the smallest details on our lives. Then I can feel like a small still voice whispering, ‘‘that is because I AM LOVE.” Oh right, God is love and if we just let HIM take care that very important piece in our lives, I am so confident that He knows the best! I remember one of our pastors told us, ‘‘Courtship is just a very small span of time compared to spending the rest of your lives with the person you choose to be with.” So yes, praying and seeking for godly counsel is always a good start, I believe. Oh, I am still single today but just to make it clear, I had several moments that I seek counseling on this matter because when it comes to love we most of the times fail to listen to His voice and counseling is our guidance, not to dictate us but to have others’ godly perspective. So several times, I prayed hard and listened and I can feel it in my heart, “OK God. It is not him. It is not yet time.” Did I make a mistake in closing a door in any of those times? Hmmm… maybe but one thing I realized was that I still have a lot of immaturities that I have only come to understand in this season of waiting.

So the million-dollar question remains, when is my day? I guess that is the best part about God – His timing is perfect and He makes everything beautiful in its time. So I will just let everyone take a seat, hold their popcorn and wait till “our most romantic movie” begins. 🙂

The fact that I am a woman does not make me a different kind of Christian, but the fact that I am a Christian makes me a different kind of woman.” Elisabeth Elliot


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