Travel Feature: Hong Kong and Macau

My friends/churchmates and I celebrated my birthday in 2011 in Hong Kong and Macau. We spent just one whole day, oh no, less than one day, in Hong Kong before going to Macau in the evening by boat.

The tourists!
The tourists!
Time to ask!
Time to ask!

Though we only have few hours in Hong Kong, we really made sure that we squeezed all the fun stuffs that we possibly could but in order to that, we had to rush here and there. We felt like we were in amazing race, one of us kept on reminding us, “Double time. Triple time!” To top it off, we were all first timers in Hong Kong then (now I have been to Hong Kong twice) ! So imagine us looking at our map then running to our destination!


city tour :)
city tour 🙂

It was really exhausting but we didn’t mind as we were really enjoying.

cruise... ehhmm... very very short cruise :)
cruise… ehhmm… very very short cruise 🙂

What made this so memorable, aside from the bloopers along the way, was this:

All smiles... (gulp)
All smiles… (gulp)

I am not fond of heights. Ok, let me rephrase that, I am scared of heights! But for some reasons, I took the challenge of taking a picture and even looking down. I think I deserved a star for that!



We are so proud of ourselves that we managed to visit different places in less than a day! Great job ladies!

haha, cool!
haha, cool!

When we reached Macua late in the evening, we were really tired but who cares? We still enjoyed ourselves, laughing and making fun of one another.

street food :)
street food 🙂

We spent 2 days in Macau. We had enough time to discover the place this time. No rush. Just chill mode.



The best part? I “tasted” Venice in Asia. 🙂


And some more places to visit…

height again?!?
height again?!?


Alright folks, thanks for reading and viewing our pictures! Now I wonder where to spend my next birthday… Any suggestion? 🙂


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