Isn’t amazing that GOD is asking us to think not the way the world thinks? Here are some life chunks that the Lord taught me and still teaching me:

1. Sometimes, the CLOSER you get, the FARTHER you will become. Does familiarity ring a bell to you?

2. The HIGHEST wisdom that you need is mostly found at your LOWEST point, at least true to my experience!

3. It is never about your GREAT achievements but the LITTLE things that you do that will put you at the right spot.

4. It is not about what you do when the SPOTLIGHT is on you but what you become when the party is OVER that will define you.

5. When YOU need refreshment, try refreshing OTHERS and you will be refreshed! Oh well, it’s actually in Proverbs 11:25, NIV!

6. It is not when you RECEIVE that you will gain the most but it is when you GIVE.

7. MATURITY begins when you accept that you are still IMMATURE.

8. The more you COUNT it, the more you will FALL short.

9. Knowing the value of true REST and granting yourself one, will keep you GOING.

10. You are ready to HAVE it when you are ready to LOSE it. (This talks about yieldedness to HIM, surrendering everything to HIM, trusting HIM come what may.)

11. The “pride” that you could BEST offer HIM is when you have not taken any pride with the things you have offered.

12. It is not about how people acknowledge you but how you acknowledge that it’s not about acknowledgement at all.

13. The more you SURRENDER to HIS ways, the more you will experience VICTORY.

14. Influencing lives talks more about what you can LEAVE and not what you can TAKE.

15. Sometimes knowing it all does NOT actually mean you know it ALL.

All glory belongs to YOU GOD. You must increase so I would decrease (John 3:30).

PS – I have written this a day before my birthday in 2012.


4 thoughts on “IRONIES

  1. So true! Thanks a lot for sharing. I love number 7 ’cause it reminds me to when I’m visiting my mother. 🙂
    I’m not sure but right now it might be early in the morning for you so have a wonderful and blessed week ahead! 🙂

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