GOD’s love is more than tangible! I woke up really early this morning. I looked around in my room and yeah, I am alone and today marked my 1 whole week living on my own in my small rented apartment. In Singapore, I usually greet my roomies and flatmates in the morning. And everytime I come back from my long absence, they would always welcome me with “We miss you. It has been so quiet here without you.” Or one will say “I miss your cooking.” Or “No one is initiating our housemate bonding anymore”. Or “I miss our breakfast together.” I also miss hanging out almost every night and there would even times that I couldn’t fit everyone in!

Yeah, I miss those moments. In fact, it has been a year that my lifestyle has drastically changed. It was so drastic that I let my feet slip at times. But when I woke up this morning, my heart was at peace. My heart is filled with joy. I felt so much loved. I felt His embrace wrapped around me. I am loved. I am soooo loved! HE lavished His love on me. And one thing that really came to me was that HIS love gave me the assurance of victory. I think the assurance of being loved gives us so much to look forward to. It negates our fear indeed as we know that that in HIS love, no matter what happens, we are accepted. It gives us full of hope knowing that the ONE who loves us unconditionally has our best interest on mind. HIS love gives us courage – being assured that His grace will always come to our rescue when all fail.

Many of us know this so well already but knowing is one thing and really living to its fullest extent and feeling deep down in our soul is another. It’s more than a revelation. It’s like the air we breathe – we know it exist and we believe it does… but when the air move or we call it “wind”, the feeling is much different. God’s love is like that – sometimes it just become so ordinary to us like air but His love does move and when it does, the presence is much felt!

PS – I have written this on July 27, 2014


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