Unfamiliar Road

I remember one time I was talking to myself the things that I’m not really comfortable with and one top of mind answer I had was: “Facing the UNKNOWN”. I guess like everyone else, nobody wants to walk the road of uncertainties. We get uneasy knowing we will face things we may not know.

Yet at the same time, this could also give you the excitement if you will just see it in the eyes of faith. It’s turning our question from “God, why am I here?” to “God, what are You teaching me?”

As I was having my time with God, HE just reminded me of this one basic principle: the gold process. To get pure gold, it has to go under a certain degree of heat… and during this process, the mineral impurities will be separated. Being in the unfamiliar road would make you see what are from God and what are not. In the process, God will show you the impurities of your heart, not to say “you are bad” but a message that “HE is good”. HE is that good that inspite of your imperfection, HE has chosen you to reflect His glory… And little would you know, HE is in the process of purifying you for HIS plans that you have never imagined.

All these “revelations” you have learnt in your years of Christian journey would just be “concepts” and “principles” if they are not tested… If they are not flesh out. Jesus didn’t just take the “WORD” wherever He went, HE WAS THE WORD HIMSELF (John 1:1). It’s no longer just knowing the principles and taking it wherever we go, it’s about living them –  that your words and yourself will be one. It’s like when you talk about “grace”, that grace itself permeates in your life. When you talk about “self control”, that very word will be seen without you saying it. When you talk about “all things are possible”, your life itself will show that indeed nothing will hold you back.

Being in the “unfamiliar road” is the perfect time to take all these “familiar principles” you have known and make it your reality — your very life message.
PS: I have written this on  September 1, 2013.

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