The Heart of the Matter

As the water reflects the man’s face, so the man’s heart reflects the man.” Prov 27:19

It always and always boils down to the state of our hearts. It’s never about the amount of revelations we have received nor the multitudes we have discipled nor the recognitions we have taken nor the positions we have attained… NO, not even the number of days we have been serving God because the heart of the matter is, OUR HEARTS. Putting on the table plainly, in the kingdom of God, our hearts will matter the most because “God looks at the heart” (1 Sam 16:7).

The greatest test of TRUST, OBEDIENCE and HONOR would be at its highest level when it comes to the matter of the heart and that’s why the scripture says to “guard our hearts with all diligence (Prov 4:23).” And when you will be tested to the core, your response will not be based on how much you have influenced the people nor how much great things you have accomplished but rather, on how much all “these things” have transformed your heart during the process. Be it on the offensive or defensive side, leading or the one being led to, if your response stinks, it simply means your heart stinks because “out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks (Matt 12:34).”

So what does the man after God’s own heart has to say? David taught me that my heart is my compass.

As a follower, be like David. He perfectly showed me to honor the leaders or superiors at all time – not because of their positions but because there must be some good reasons why God put us under their care. David taught me the value of true honor – even when King Saul was seeking to kill his life, he remained honoring Saul and amazingly still considered as “anointed one of God” (1 Sam 24). How could he still take Saul as anointed man of God in the midst of Saul’s evil works? It’s his heart – an honoring heart.

When leading, be like David. When his son Absalom plotted to take his throne, he kept his humble heart (2 Sam 15). David displayed here that his heart was steadfast.

When you are hurting and the promise doesn’t seem coming, be like David. When he was hiding in a cave, he turned his cave into a palace – he always knew his identity. He turned his pains into songs and hymns, his anguish into praise and worship. Looking for someone to look up to? David is my professor when it comes to keeping a fixed heart. Besides, who were not hurt anyway? At some points in our lives, we were hurt and have hurt others, we were offended and have offended others but what would separate us from the crowd is our response — and that would count the most.

David’s journey gave me a remarkable demonstration that to be a woman after God’s own heart, my inner strength should depend on God’s very nature and that even at moments my mind wouldn’t understand, my heart would keep on trusting the intentions of His heart. And so I conclude that the impact of the revelations I have been receiving will only really matter if my heart is being transformed to reflect His heart.

PS: I have written this on  June 17, 2012.


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