Cherries on top

Different people know us in different ways. Like me, many say that I’m “what you see is what you get” person whilst some says, “I’m more than what meets the eye”. But whichever camp you are in, many have just actually scratched the surface.

People usually notice my smiley face and distinctive laugh. They also say that I’m sporty, a statistician/analyst, a loyal friend, generous giver and some also admire my unwavering faith, passion, determination, driven-for-excellence attitude… and the list goes on… But this list? These are just the cherries on top.

I, myself, am still in the pursuit of knowing the deepest core that God has designed for me. He is not done with me yet. Each day is indeed a new day with God filling my vessel with new things and I would never dare to put a halt on my growth. He fills my cup with joy incessantly and I’m loving it.
No matter how much we try to sketch the whole picture of our image, there’s always a need to redraw it. Time and time again, new things will just fall on our lap. You will sometimes just find yourself in awe how God perfectly designed His masterpiece. Each fibre, each moment and every little thing, they make the whole of you. And this where vagueness comes in. There is a mystery on each one of us and we can only unravel it when we SOLELY seek OUR CREATOR.

The way you see yourself even adding up the way others see you still doesn’t speak the totality of you. These are just your cherries on top and God holds the main flavours. And remembering what God said after He created Adam, “it is so good”, is a good start in finding the mysteries imprinted within us. Yes, Adam was good and so are we.The day He created us is already a mystery. Our journey is even more. We are thrown with many unanswerable questions and sometimes when we don’t find a satisfying answer, we tend to settle with our own assumptions, thus, failing to seek the truth. Like the famous quote say, many are just breathing but not really living. Yes, life is indeed a mystery.

With so much that we can see and feel, don’t just scratch the surface. Dig the treasures. Solve the puzzle. Unravel the mystery. And there is only one starting point – seek your CREATOR.


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